Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center

Healthcare is a shifting industry for both practitioners and patients. Orthopedic Food and Ankle Center (OFAC) is a private specialty practice that needed to update their brand identity and voice in order to match their future goals. Well-known nationally through the physician network, they had somewhat limited brand awareness in their immediate geographic market which posed challenges for a planned expansion.


OFAC logo and branding style guide

Our Approach

01 Immersion

In order to understand which elements of the brand needed a refresh and which legacy elements should be kept, we immersed ourselves in the practice and the culture, undergoing a “blind” patient experience, observing surgeries, and mapping both the patient intake and clinical processes. This patient journey map showed both the service blueprint elements of the clinic as well as the emotional and mental state of the patient, allowing us to clear bottlenecks in the system and increase trust at the same time.

A sketch of the patient journey map

02 Design

Having a strong understanding of who the practice was and wanted to be made us realize that the brand visuals needed more depth, so we took that to heart in creating a vibrant identity system. The campaign line “Where will you go?” also had depth, allowing us to use it in instances of how to choose a physician as well as sharing a positive message of an active life after a foot or ankle condition. Collaborating closely with a local digital design firm, Bonfire Red, a new website was launched that was built on the principles of good user experience and engaging visual design.

screenshots of the OFAC website on a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

03 Environmental

With the planned growth of an additional clinic office, we needed to ensure the new space matched the brand expectations while also appearing seamless inside the larger building, which was a joint project between OFAC and a local healthcare system. We collaborated with the architectural team and made recommendations for flooring, lighting, and furniture. Beyond the basics, though, we also used human behavior studies to create social and private zones within the 7,000 sq. ft. office footprint to help patients feel comfortable during their visit.

04 Outreach

Identities and spaces can only do so much, and we wanted to build a solid foundation of outreach that would drive patient growth. We created a position for a Physician Outreach ambassador and analyzed patient demographic data to identify the best regions for their marketing. Additionally, we designed ads for print, digital, and events that extended the brand message and call to action.

Our Results

Looking at the data behind digital social interactions and comparing campaign launches with patient volume, we are proud to show noticeable growth in brand awareness as well as patient numbers. OFA noticed 148% growth in social media engagement, they jumped from a 2.5 star to a 4.5 star rating on yelp.com, and we are able to track increasing conversation rates as users click through ads to the site and request appointments.

Business cards, letterhead and envelopes with the OFAC logo